Privacy Policy

RocketIDX is committed to maintaining the integrity and privacy of information provided by our consumers and employees. While information is a cornerstone in our ability to provide superior products and services, our most important asset is the trust of our consumers and employees. We understand the importance that trust plays in relationships and are committed to maintaining it each and every day.

This Privacy Policy and the supportive implementation practices will help ensure that RocketIDX continues to earn consumer and employee trust through its protection of vital information and compliance with appropriate legal standards.

RocketIDX's first objective is to protect as private any information provided by our consumers and employees, and we will use such information only for the purposes for which it is provided.

RocketIDX ascribes to principles of privacy in the protection of consumer and employee information that will transcend local legal mandates, and will meet the legal obligations defined in each of our locations. RocketIDX will routinely review, update and expand our privacy protections as befits our broad support of consumer and employee status.
RocketIDX's information systems will be designed and maintained to provide maximum security from unauthorized access. Individuals using consumer or employee data will be trained in its appropriate use and will be routinely audited to ensure compliance with necessary standards of conduct.

RocketIDX will not share information with third parties unless that transfer of information is necessary for completion of required business operations and will, at all times, comply with relevant law and privacy regulations. Third parties acting on behalf of RocketIDX will be required to comply with this Privacy Policy when acting on our RocketIDX generated information.

RocketIDX will adopt reasonable and effective measures to ensure the protection of consumer and employee information. RocketIDX has an obligation to maintain a covenant of trust with our consumers and employees.

Consumer use of this website and RocketIDX's services constitutes an understanding of and agreement to this Privacy Policy.

RocketIDX may revise this Privacy Policy in part or in full at any time without notice.